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Choose an Inspiring, Entertaining and Empowering Speaker Who Will Make You Look Great and Leave a Lasting Legacy on Your School's Culture!

For your next teacher in-service, parent program, administrator training, or student assembly bring in a proven, dynamic speaker who will inspire your audiences in a way that transforms their attitudes and actions into impactful results! You get a fired up audience, and you'll look like a hero. More importantly, you'll see teachers, parents, administrators and student leaders put to use what they've learned long after the presentation is over.

Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist, an author/columnist, an award-winning speaker, and a leading authority on turning positive psychology research into practical insights and inspiration for all ages. Dr. Paulson has turned speaking to business leaders and teams into a profitable career. He speaks to parents, teachers, administrators and teens to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Learn how the best teachers and mentors grade you harder and expect more. After all, such expectations show that they believe in you well prior to you believing in yourself!


In many ways, his return to the education and youth market is coming home to where he started. As a young adult, Dr. Paulson was a youth director working with teens. He learned quickly that if you're not funny and authentic, teenagers will kill you! Luckily, he found a way to leverage his entertaining delivery, inspiring messages and empowering content that has connected with all ages. As a young psychologist, he conducted weekend seminars for UCLA Extension on Dealing with Difficult Children. As co-founder of the Assertion Training Institute, he conducted hundreds of CEU training programs for teachers on implementing Assertive Discipline in the classroom. Then, as a parent, he eventually had to deal with his own teenage son; word has it that both survived, even thrived.

As his son Sean went through his teen years, Dr. Paulson and he co-authored two books, Secrets of Life Every Teen Needs to Know and Can I Have the Keys to the Car? In writing these books, they surveyed teens and parents on the life lessons that were most important. Dr. Paulson recently released a NEW eBook, Favorite Family Lectures: Secrets of Life Every Teen Wants to Know. This timeless book, available for Kindle readers at, has shortened and updated the original content, adding cartoons and questions to stimulate discussions. Sean had wanted to call the first book, Favorite Family Lectures. As Sean used to say, "It's the perfect book for parents. They don't know how to give an effective lecture, and they don't have time to do so. They're working too hard. With this book of 'best lectures,' all they would have to do is hand them the book, send them to their room, and tell them to read #23! They'd save time, and the teen would have something to do while he's stuck in his room!" From the importance of study and saving to the value of honesty, good friends, and getting high on life instead of drugs, this reassuring and practical book helps teens and parents talk and laugh together about life's most important lessons. Anchored in values and filled with simple wisdom, let this prerequisite for "Life 101" show you the way, too! Buy your copy of Favorite Family Lectures at

Terry Paulson at Speaking Engagement

Over time, Dr. Paulson's career took a new direction. As a professional speaker committed to helping leaders and teams leverage optimism to make change work, he moved quickly to become an award-winning keynoter and trainer for such corporations as IBM, 3M, HBO, Merck, Starbucks and hundreds of organizations, universities, government agencies, and associations. Speaking to youths, parents and teachers took a back seat to his expanding leadership development career.

But at nearly every presentation, someone would come to Dr. Paulson and say, "Do you do programs for teens? I'd love to have my son and daughter hear this! If only they could learn this now." The need is there. The message was always there, and his insights and wisdom had just deepened with more real world experience.

Terry Paulson at Speaking Engagement

It was speaking to Pepperdine University's YCS Seminar for high school junior leaders that rekindled his passion for speaking to youth audiences. As Dr. Paulson has said, "Their freshness, energy and openness to empowering messages is unmatched. I love to tell my teen audiences, 'I've found my new home. I'm just a teenager with rich life experiences locked in old skin!'"

His teen program, Life Lessons: Wisdom for Your Journey, is used as the opening presentation for Pepperdine's summer seminar. They can't believe an "old guy" can connect and deliver with such humor, enthusiasm and practical content!

Dr. Paulson's programs are fast-paced, fun, and relentlessly packed with usable information all ages can put to work right away. He goes out of his way to remind and celebrate the difference parents and teachers make in helping youths live their potential. Terry's timeless and humorous stories are as inspiring to teachers, parents and administrators as they are to the teens. He helps audiences transform challenges into choices, obstacles into opportunities, and setbacks into stepping stones to success. He delivers more "practical insights" per minute in a fun way than any other speaker you could hire.

These Clients Loved Terry. You Will Too!

ACSA-Association of CA School Administrators * California Lutheran University * California State University Los Angeles * Casa Pacifica * Center for Civic Education * Chair Academy * Community College League of California * Conejo Valley Unified School District * Custom Learning Systems Group, Ltd. * Denison University * Escondido Charter High School * Las Virgenes Unified School District * Los Angeles Unified School District * Madrona Elementary School * National Intramural-Recreation Sports * Pepperdine University Youth Citizenship Seminar * Sodexo * UCLA * U.S. Naval Academy

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Make Your Next Event a Smash Hit!

In short, Dr. Paulson is back to make a difference in the education market. He’s back with a mission to leave a lasting legacy. Let him do that for you by bringing his tasteful humor, engaging enthusiasm and down-to-earth insights to your next event! Get information now on how you can book Dr. Paulson for your event now!

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In addition to Dr. Paulson’s existing leadership and professional development programs that can be targeted to education audiences, here are some in-service programs worth considering for your teachers and administrators:

The Assertive Administrator: How to Positively Handle Tough Issues and Difficult People

Conflict and frustration are built into the very fabric of all changing educational organizations in this age of shrinking budgets and high expectations. Such conflict can sap the energy, time, and enthusiasm from even the best teachers and administrators. How tough issues and difficult relationships are dealt with will determine whether administrators set the stage for inventing the future or adds to existing polarization. This program will teach administrators an action-oriented approach to help them resolve and manage conflict. They'll learn how to avoid avoidance and polarization on the job. They'll explore how negotiation and persuasion skills can help turn conflict into a positive force for change and build trust. In this decade of cost-containment, they'll learn how to be tight where they must while investing limited funds where it makes the most difference. They'll learn how to set limits, how to give and receive criticism, how to use smart questions and culture-affirming stories, and how to build and ask for support. They'll learn the importance of taking distance, building access, and listening for and affirming common ground in pursuit of inventing the future of their organization together with key stakeholders.

Dealing with Difficult Parents

Conflict is built into the very fabric of every relationship. A parent’s emotional connection to their children and the importance of achievement in school makes difficult conversations more likely. When conflict is not dealt with well, it can create enemy relationships and grow to sap the time, energy, and productivity from even the best teachers and administrators. Good teachers and good parents at times must care enough to confront. Conflict can also be a catalyst that sets the stage for needed changes. You will never deal with conflict perfectly, but learn how give criticism constructively, disarm anger and build constructive relationships with even your toughest parents.

Some of Terry's Available Programs for Combined Parent/Teen Presentations:

Favorite Family Lectures: What Parents Need to Say and Teens Want to Know --or-- How Parents and Teens Can Talk About the Things that Matter Most

This presentation identifies what parents, teachers, and the youth themselves can do to keep alive the attitudes, values, and skills the next generation will need to thrive in the changing and chaotic 21st century. It's a reassuring, practical and lighthearted program that is designed for the whole family! After surveying hundreds of teens and parents on the lessons of life they most valued, Dr. Paulson and his son teamed to write Secrets of Life Every Teen Needs to Know and Can I Have the Keys to the Car? In this program, Dr. Paulson discusses their findings and explores the value of life lessons, positive modeling, and self-respect. You'll have a chance to determine your own family lectures and the ones you feel are most important to learn. You'll be inspired by the quotes, be surprised by the favorite lectures teens and parents pick, and you'll laugh at the universal humanness it exposes. You may even end up starting a long overdue family dialogue on the things that matter most.

Making Humor Work

After God created Adam and Eve, He gave them a baby. Then to keep the whole thing from falling apart, he invented humor. The best families learn how to take their family responsibilities seriously, but take themselves and their problems a little more lightly. Come learn how to communicate with the gift of humor, how to handle anger by getting funny instead of getting even, how to use humor to overcome setbacks and mistakes, and specific ways to bring the sunshine of laughter into your home. This program is designed to be fun, but not just for fun. We explore in a light way how a sense of humor can work for you in your home, at school, and at work. Audiences participate, laugh and learn.

Some of Terry's Available Programs for Teens:

Life Lessons: Wisdom for Your Journey

As one of America's young adults, today's teens hold their own future and the country's future in their hands. Experience is a great trainer, but it takes years to Learn. Dr. Paulson provides a little truth telling about the secrets of life in a way that brings wisdom to life. By using engaging stories, warm humor, and sage advice, he takes teens through ten critical life lessons that will impact their lives. They learn how to face difficulties, overcome obstacles, maintain a realistic self-confidence, and remove the bars they create for themselves. They'll explore how teachers, parents, faith and a good sense of humor can make help the ride worthwhile.

Celebrate Yourself—There Are No Replacements!

Maintaining one's own self-esteem is an inside job; no one else can give it to you. Instead of giving in to the teen "ego yo-yo," youth can learn to believe in themselves and manage their own motivation. They don't have to be programmed by the negativity of the world or subject to the whims of peer pressure. In this program, teens learn to shatter their own version of the myth of perfection-"Everyone else is fine, I'm defective!" They learn how to confront their own mistakes without inviting three hours of self-whipping! They'll learn how to celebrate their uniqueness by catching themselves effective every day. They'll be left with a challenge-to find and refine themselves into the adult they are capable of becoming.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Your American Dream

Belief in the American Dream is at the heart of our pioneering and practical culture, but there are still some in our country who feel the today's America is an unfair, oppressive place, without opportunity and without hope. Fortunately, Americans of all races and ages prove them wrong every day. America is still the land of opportunity for those willing to work hard to claim it. This program affirms and brings to life the natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Dr. Paulson focuses on how today’s youth can still make their lawful dreams a reality, limited only by his or her determination and natural abilities. He explores how optimism is earned and how teens can invent a future they can be proud of.

Lincoln Lessons for a New Generation

Lincoln is often rated as America's favorite and most respected President. Lincoln's ability to learn from and persevere in the face of failure, his resolve in the face of sustained conflict, and his breadth of insight about life are still relevant. This program focuses on ten of Lincoln's most thought-provoking quotes and how the lessons learned still speak to the challenges we face today. This engaging and entertaining program on America's most loved President gives a perspective beyond history and helps a new generation learn how they can claim their own American Dream.

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