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Terry Paulson Keynote Speaker & Author

For Meeting Planners: Ten Key Questions You Can Answer to Help Dr. Paulson Make a Difference in the Success of Your Event

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Note: These questions are to help you prepare for your detailed conference call with Dr. Paulson that will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time prior to your event.

1. What is the conference/series theme?

2. Describe the audience make-up and job responsibilities of those attending.

3. What things are important to know about the group before addressing them?

4. What are the most significant events that have occurred in your industry/organization within the past year?

5. What challenges is the organization facing? What keeps you and your leaders up at night?

6. Are there sensitive issues that should be avoided?

7. Who are the past speakers who have been successful? Provide feedback that can help us produce the same results.

8. Who else should Dr. Paulson talk to in order to ensure the success of the program?

9. Please provide the timing specifics of Dr. Paulson's presentation for the confirmed speaking date.

10. What are the program site specifics: Hotel, Attire, AV Requirements, Room Set-up, Videotaping, etc.?

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