Terry Paulson, PhD 12 December 2017
"Capitalism demands constant change in the face of dynamic markets. And farmers, not distracted by subsidies, are forced to consider questions on what they need to grow in order to make a profit. My parents both grew up in the farming region west of Chicago. They were all Swedes--Paulsons, Carlsons, Swansons. My great uncle used to share his collected wisdom from the farm. Two statements have stuck with me: 'It's easiest to ride a horse in the direction it is going. ' That is a seminar on economics in one sentence. If you position yourself where the action is, you can make a good living. His second saying was even more insightful: 'If the horse is dead, get off it.' We have two many farmers and workers who are sitting on dead horses looking to Washington to save them. If you are good at producing something no one needs, you will always be in trouble. I have my own bid of wisdom--'Since it is hard to tell if your horse is dying, have at least two horses.' Always invest time in educating yourself for Plan B!"
--Terry Paulson, PhD

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