The 12 Days of Christmas from Dr. Terry Paulson
On the Fifth Day of Christmas...2014
On the Fifth Day of Christmas my true friend gave to me...Simple Truths and Simple Presents…

A CHRISTMAS THOUGHT FOR THE DAY…..."The Person in the Mirror”

One Hasidic story tells of a pious Jew who asked his rabbi, "For about forty years I have opened the door for Elijah every Seder night, waiting for him to come, but he never does. What is the reason?"

The rabbi answered, "In your neighborhood there lives a very poor family with many children. Call on the man and propose to him that you and your family celebrate the next Passover at his house, and for this purpose provide him and his whole family with everything necessary for the eight days of Passover. Then on the Seder night Elijah will certainly come."

The man did as the rabbi told him, but after Passover he came back and claimed that again he had waited in vain to see Elijah. The rabbi answered, "I know very well that Elijah came on the Seder night to the house of your poor neighbor. But of course you could not see him." And the rabbi held a mirror before the face of the man and said, "Look, this was Elijah's face that night."

From Barbara Brown Taylor, "Are You the One?" Cowley Publications, 1998, contributed by Pastor Craig Beeker, New Hope Lutheran Church,

…Are you the Jesus in the Christmas mirror that will touch the life of someone this year?

I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY… "Homer’s Christmas List"

In 1915, Homer Mellen penned a remarkably polite, now nearly 100-year-old, note to Santa Claus that will make you pause before adding another item to your wish list this holiday season:

"Dear Santa Claus,
Will you please send me a box of paints, also a nine cent reader, and a school bag to put them in. And if you have any nuts, or candy, or toys to spare, would you kindly send me some. You will please a seven year old boy."

The Mellen family kept and cherished this note for 98 years in a little box containing "private little things like locks of hair, or the first picture that was taken," Larry Mellen, Homer’s son, explained, in order to "put away for memories for grandchildren."

Gone are the days when a simple box of paints or school book was all you wished for on Christmas, but for 7-year-old Homer Mellen in 1915, those very basic items, along with a handful of other equally unassuming gifts, were all the boy from London, Ontario, had hoped to receive from Santa.
Larry Mellen observed, "It says so much about the lack of appreciation for those things that truly are a special gift. We just take it for granted that you're going to have that stuff at Christmas time, or any other time for that matter."

Good Morning America Blog – “Larry Mellen Father's letter to Santa from 1915”


An old lady was standing at the rail of her Christmas cruise ship holding her hat so that the wind wouldn't blow it away. A gentleman approached her & said, "Pardon me, madam, I do not intend to be forward but did you know that your dress is blowing up in this wind?"

"Yes, I know," said the lady. "But I need my hands to hold onto my hat."

"But madam, he said, "you must know that you're derriere is exposed!"

The woman looked down, then back up at the man and said, "Sir, anything you see down there is 85 years old, but my daughter just gave me this new hat for Christmas!"


Enjoy the talented vocals of Home Free, an a cappella group, will get you in the Christmas spirit with their version of Angels We Have Heard On High.

You can find the archived messages from this year's series on my website at More we prepare for His coming!

Your Host for this Year's Journey....

Terry Paulson

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